Hip Mobility Videos

If you’ve read last Mondays Post on the Top 3 Hip Mobility Exercises I thought it would be good to follow it up with some videos to help show the exercises and progressions.

Hip Flexion

To work on hip flexion:

Little Bonus!!! Thought of another strategy I use a fair bit. Basically, taking the joint to near it’s EOR and then drive in another plane…in this case, move to EOR hip flexion and then drive rotation.

Hip Extension

Here is the Hip Extension strategy.

Hip Internal Rotation

This one was the trickiest to write about, so probably the most useful video.

Obviously, there are millions of ways to achieve these movements and many ways you can progress/regress or adapt for each individual patient. That’s the beauty of this approach 🙂

Sets and Reps

There’s no real right and wrong as such, but you will have to try and judge for yourself what is best for your patient. I will often start with 1 or 2 sets of 8-10 reps and give the power to increase or decrease as they see fit.

If I am giving a multi-plane exercise out all in one go, I may decrease it to 5 reps in each direction to start…all depends on the patient. Or I might give 1 or 2 planes of the exercise and add more in the following week.


Big Thanks to Anna for the doing the photos and videos 🙂

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