Launching My New Physio Clinic

Was away camping for the Bank holiday, so no chance of getting online for blogging!! Then just crazy busy for the last 2 weeks!!

Mainly been a busy week as I launched my new clinic. I now have a physio clinic in the therapy room at Force Strength and Conditioning between Cowbridge and Bridgend. It’s an awesome gym with a really good community ethos. If I designed a gym it would look a lot like Force.

It’s been busy getting everything organised and trying to get things going. Just had my leaflets designed and they are being printed this week. Got all my stationary sorted and love being able to make all my own decisions about things.

The first patient through the door was really exciting, though weirdly, I was quite nervous! Don’t think there is much reason for nerves after 12 years doing this job!!

Good news, the patient came back and is on track to be DC’d next time.

Had a few more patients through the door since and a couple of referrals to be booked in…it’s exciting times 🙂

Will keep you updated with progress.


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