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I’m Starting my Masters 🙂

It’s only been about 9-10 year thinking about it!! I was just about to start applying for Masters courses when my wife and I found out we had our eldest son Andrew on the way. I guess like a lot of things, it went on hold ‘temporarily’ while we got to grips with our new life…he turned 9 last month!!

It’s not all bad though, you never stop learning in this job and particularly with my time a Ospreys it was rich with learning.

However, things has settled down…our youngest son is 7 and it’s time to crack on with the MSc!

It was a fair while looking into courses and talking to people about possible options. I didn’t really fancy the Physiotherapy, Sports Physio or Manual Therapy type courses I was interested in the past. I started looking around a bit more broadly and settled on ‘Clinical Biomechanics’.

The Course

The course is at Staffordshire University and though I’m only a few weeks in, I’m enjoying it!! Not going to lie…I feel a bit like a fish out of water at the moment and I’m dreading writing an essay!! I wasn’t very good at that first time around!

This semester I am doing the Critical Appraisal modules, which is getting back to looking into more varied research. Still dreading the essay!

Future study this year includes ‘Origins and Principles of Biomechanics.’ and then a module on ‘Tissue Stress.’ Both of which I really cannot wait to. get stuck into!! These will take it to the end of the first year, it’s a 3 year, part time course.

In year 2 it’s a choice between Spinal Mechanics and Sports Biomechanics in Injury (not sure which one yet!), then Gait analysis and Research methods.

In the final year it will be a dissertation…only slightly scared!!

Even though that feels like it’s ages away, I can’t help thinking about it. I have always wanted to study gait and running more…but you may have noticed my slight obsession with cycling…glad I don’t have to decide quite yet!

Well…I’m off to work on my next Critical Appraisal Task…Looking at Sampling.


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